Isotope Product Compare


The product comparison can be done between different product types. To enable the comparison feature, please go to the Isotope eCommerce > Store configuration > Product compare and create the configuration.

Firstly, you have to enter the configuration name. It is used only in the backend for easier identification of the records. Then, you must choose which product types are comparable within this configuration. They should be the similar product types which share common attributes (e.g. CDs and DVDs).


Each product type can be used only in one configuration!

Additionally, for each of the configuration can set the settings like compared products limit, choose the comparison template or select product attributes that can be compared. The more detailed description about comparable attributes is on the next page.

Frontend modules

The extension provides two new front end modules:

1. Compare products – preview

Displays the preview which products have been added for comparison. It works similar to the product list so you can have a custom product list template for it. This module has the redirect page setting which must point to the page with the Compare products (below) frontend module on it. You probably want to put this module in the page layout so it is accessible on every page (e.g. in sidebar).

2. Compare products

Displays the full comparison of the products that were chosen by the visitor. This module should be placed on the target page specified in the preview module.

Template adjustments

To allow the frontend users to compare products in your shop, you have to edit the product template (e.g. iso_list_default) and the below code snippet. It will display the link to either add the product to comparison or to remove the product from it.

<?php if ($this->comparable): ?>
    <div class="compare_link">
        <a href="<?= $this->compareLink['href'] ?>" title="<?= $this->compareLink['title'] ?>"><?= $this->compareLink['link'] ?></a>
<?php endif; ?>