Isotope Product Rating

Rating settings

Every rating configuration consists of several settings which will be described in details on this page. Each record must have its own name which is used only in the backend. Additionally you can choose a custom rating template if the default one does not fulfill your needs.

The ratings can be published automatically or will have to be reviewed by administrator before they are visible on the page. To keep track of every rating that comes in, you can set the notification that will be sent out whenever a product is rated. More on that in the Notifications section.

Rating interval, values and precision

The next important thing to setup is a maximum rating value. This is the highest score a product can get. For example, if you define 5 as the maximum value, the products would be rated in 1-5 scale. The maximum value of 10 would result in 1-10 scale and so on.

To prevent users from abusing the rating, you can set the rating interval. For example, you can allow users to vote for each of the products only once or once per month. There are different periods available ranging from hours to years.

There are two settings for the half-star rating. The rating precision allows you to enable half-stars during the rating, so the visitor can rate product for 4.5 (four and a half). On the other hand, you can still limit the rating action to full stars but display the calculated product rating in half-stars. For example, the visitor would be able to rate the product for 4 or 5, but the overall product rating would be displayed as 4.5. The setting responsible for this is the display precision field. Those settings are independent from each other so you can mix them.

Rating scale

Instead of displaying the raw rating numbers you can also make the scale more human friendly. The number of records must match the rating scale, so if your rating scale is 1-5 then you must create 5 rows in the wizard. In the first column (key) you must enter the rating this label will apply to. Second column (value) contains the only label. Please have a look at the example configuration:

This affects the frontend in two ways: firstly, the overall product rating is no longer displayed as number but as label (e.g. "Good" instead of "4"). Secondly, the tooltip with appropriate text appears when you hover the star you would like to click:

Permission settings

As almost everything in Contao, you can also limit product rating to the logged in members only. This is simply done by selecting the checkbox and choosing the desired member groups.

Moreover, you can also limit the rating only to the customers that have actually bought the product. It could help prevent having any fake ratings in your shop.