Isotope Stock Management

Backend interface

The backend interface of the extension provides various ways to manage your products stock. The first noticeable change is visible in the Isotope eCommerce > Product management backend module where you can see an extra column that displays the stock quantity.

Depending on the available quantity of the product a different color is used. They are explained in the next sections of the documentation. In addition to those, products that are not managed in stock get the "not available" badge.

Every quantity badge can be clicked which will open the modal popup with the stock history of the chosen product. In that view you can also manage the quantity by creating a new entry or deleting the existing ones.

The content of the modal window is also available as a standalone module. Keep on reading to the last paragraph of this page.

Variants view

The similar view is also available for the product variants. When clicking on a quantity badge of the base product you will be taken to the variants view instead of displaying a popup modal.

Quantity filter

For your convenience there is a new advanced filter available for filtering the stock levels. It has four options:

  1. Empty - shows products no longer available
  2. Low - shows products with a limited availability
  3. Medium - shows products with a decent availability
  4. High - shows products with a huge availability

The list applied with the high availability stock level:

Stock management module

In addition to the above enhancements of an existing interface, there is also a new backend module available in Isotope eCommerce > Stock management. It lists all possible stock history records of all products and can be optionally filtered and searched by various fields.