Photo Albums


Once you have installed the extension a new backend module Photo albums will appear in the Content section. This is the place where you manage all albums and their photos.

The initial view is the category list. Each category can contain multiple albums and each album multiple photos. This is a similar relation as the news archives and news.

Upon creating a new category you will be asked to enter its name and the album reader page. That page should contain the album reader module and be hidden from public navigation (just like the page of news reader).

Frontend modules

There are two new frontend modules that come with the extension: album list and album reader. The photo album list should be placed on the page where you want to list the albums of single or multiple categories. The photo album reader however should be placed on the page hidden in navigation - also the category settings should point to that page.

See the next section of the documentation for the detailed options of each module.

Important note

Make sure that you select the appropriate album template for each module:

  • The photo album list module should have the cfg_photo_album_list selected
  • The photo album reader module should have the cfg_photo_album_reader selected