Photo Albums

Frontend modules

There are two frontend modules coming with the extension: the photo album list and the photo album reader.

Photo album list

In the list settings you can select single or multiple categories. Then choose how the albums should be ordered - you can choose from various options: custom order (manual sorting), by file name, by date or in random order. Optionally enter how many items should appear per page.


Please make sure that you use the custom order sorting only if you have a single category selected. Otherwise the results can be random as the manual sorting of two categories should not be mixed.

Under the Template settings you can choose the custom album template which can be freely adjusted just like the templates with news_ or event_ prefixes. Lastly, choose the image size of the teaser you would like to use. The responsive images feature of Contao is fully supported!

Photo album reader

The photo album reader module contains much more options to configure. Here you can also have to choose the categories which will be handled by this module, the order of the images and optionally a pagination.

Additionally you can select the gallery plugins that should be included on the page:

Name Description
Autoplay Allows to autoplay the image slideshow.
Fullscreen Adds the fullscreen button to the gallery.
Hash Update the URL hash upon image change. This allows to easily share full-image links.
Pager Enables the pager navigation of the images.
Thumbnail Displays the thumbnails at the bottom of the gallery for easier navigation.
Zoom Zoom in/out the images.

What's more, the transition between images as known as gallery mode can be selected from around 30 animation types! Choose from classic slide, through zoom effects to fancy lollipops or rotations.

The other neat feature is allowing the visitors to full size download images. Normally, if a visitor would like to download the image he has to open it in a new window and save it to local disk. By enabling the allow image download checkbox you will add a button in the gallery that allows to save image with one click.

Some standard things like gallery infinite loop, next/previous controls and image counter can also be enabled by simply checking the appropriate box.

To enable the book navigation you have to choose the related list module. This will add the previous/next links on the reader module to switch between albums without going back to the list view.

Lastly, just like the in the list settings you can choose the custom album reader template and the image size. The responsive images are supported here as well!