Composer keys

Composer keys are used to manage the access to your purchased products. This adds an extra security layer, especially useful when you manage multiple websites.


It's a good practice to generate a separate Composer Key for every project. This way, you can control which products are available to install on a particular system.

What is a Composer key?

By definition, the Composer key is a unique token which allows you to access the products via Composer. It consists of:

An internal name is used for easier identification of a key. We recommend naming it the same as your project.
A unique string of characters that identifies your key. This value is generated automatically and cannot be changed.
Single or multiple enabled products and their versions. The fallback key has access to all purchased products.

The key is in fact used to create the unique URL for your products, which is used by Composer to obtain the necessary information about the packages:$your_composer_key/packages.json
Fallback Composer key

By default, every member has a fallback Composer key, which grants an access to ALL purchased products. Please use it with caution!

Composer key vs. License key

The difference between a Composer key and a License key is straightforward. The Composer key is used to install the products, whereas the License key is used to activate them.

So, to make the product work, you need both: the Composer key to install the product in your Contao system and the License key to activate it and enable its features.

Control your products

Once a Composer key is created, you can use it to install the products. It will be possible, however, to install only the products you have assigned to a certain key. This allows you to create multiple keys with individual products.

For example, you can limit individual products to a certain customer, or have one general key for all your products:

  • Main key (all products)
  • Key A (limited products)
    • Veello Theme
    • Veello Portfolio
  • Key B (limited products)
    • Veello Portfolio
  • Key C (limited products)
    • Photo Albums
Composer keys are a great way to manage access to your products.