License management

Here you can learn everything about license management in the Veello ecosystem.


Note that every license is assigned to a single domain. It means that for every website, you have to purchase an individual license.

Manage the licenses

You can manage all of your licenses using the License manager in your account:

You can check the product activation in the License manager in your account.
Have you got multiple domains?

We allow you to have multiple domains for a single license only if you use it for a multilingual website. In this case, please contact us, and we will assign the extra domains to your license.

Activate the license

To activate the license of any product, we highly recommend doing it directly from your Contao backend as described in the Product activation chapter.

Alternatively, you can still do that using the License manager in your account, by entering the domain name manually.

Deactivate the license

If you would like to stop using our product in your Contao instance, you can deactivate it in two ways:

  1. Using License manager in your account – simply click the "eye" button.
  2. Using Veello Licenser in your Contao backend – simply click the "Deactivate license key" button.

After you deactivate the product, the data in the database will remain safe until you finally uninstall the extension.

You can deactivate the license directly from the License manager in your account.

Change the domain

Suppose you had a staging environment where you installed and activated the product. Now, when launching the project, you may also need to switch the domains. The license is assigned to the domain, so you should probably update it shortly before going live.

To do that, simply log in to the License manager in your account and click the edit button. A popup will appear where you can enter a new domain name:

Enter a new domain in the License manager.

Another, although more complex, way of changing the domains would be to deactivate the product under your existing domain and activate it under the new domain. This can be done directly via Veello Licenser in your Contao backend.

Development domains

Every website needs a development system, which later becomes a production. Sometimes, the development systems exist in parallel to the productional websites. This, however,  may conflict with the Veello licensing system, as we allow only one domain per license.

To bypass this problem, you can set up multiple development domains for every license. This will allow you to simultaneously use the products in the development and production systems.

You can add as many development domains as you need.