Product update & versioning

Thanks to the Contao Manager, the update process of our products is super simple. All you need to do is to log in to Contao Manager and update the packages.

Updating products

All Veello products are installed as standard Composer packages. This means that you can preview all of them in the package list of your Contao Manager. This functionality makes it easy to track the product versions and update them when necessary.

Easily preview and manage the Veello packages installed on your system.

Product versioning

Veello products adhere to the widely recognized Semantic Versioning standard. This versioning system ensures clear communication of changes and updates to our users.

In Semantic Versioning, each version number comprises three distinct components: MAJOR, MINOR, and PATCH. These components convey specific information about the nature of the changes included in the release:

MAJOR Version
Indicates breaking backward compatibility changes. You should pay extra attention to your system's update, as there might be some incompatible changes that require manual adjustments.
MINOR Version
You can expect new features and improvements. The update is expected to be smooth and no manual adjustments should be needed.
PATCH Version
The release includes bug fixes or minor updates that do not introduce new features. These releases typically address issues identified in previous versions, ensuring stability and reliability.

By following Semantic Versioning, Veello products ensure transparency and consistency in version management. Users can easily interpret version numbers to assess the impact of updates and make informed decisions regarding adoption.

Versions history

The Packages overview page lists all available versions of Veello products. To learn more about each release, read our blog articles. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter. to stay informed about new versions.