Icon sets

All available icons on your website are managed in the Icon sets backend module. At the moment Veello Theme supports icon sets generated only via IcoMoon app.

Backend module shows all icon sets at a glance.

Adding a new icon set

To add a new icon set, please click the New set button at the top of the icon sets backend module. You will be presented with a short manual and a form field to upload a package generated in IcoMoon app. Once your icomoon.zip package is ready, select it in the upload field and click the submit button.


You can install multiple icon sets at once by selecting multiple IcoMoon packages in the upload field.

Icon set installation is as easy as uploading an IcoMoon package.

After your icon set has been installed successfully, it will appear on the list as Icons #<number> name. You may want to edit it and change the default name to something more meaningful.

In the edit mode you can preview all icons of every set.

Updating an existing icon set

It may happen that you will need to add, change or remove icons from your set. In order to do that, you will again have to use IcoMoon app. Once you download the new package, click the Update set button that will take you to the update icon set form.

There, similar to adding a new icon set, select your new icomoon.zip package and the icon set you would like to update. Finally click the submit button and the icon set will be updated.

To update an icon set you need a complete IcoMoon package.

Adding icons to the page

Once you have created your icon sets, it is time to add them to the page. Please note that the created icon sets are not included on your page immediately after you created them.

Icons can be included in two different ways:


Icon set is included on the page automatically if you have selected it in any element that supports icon selection. Most often the icon selection appears in various content elements such as Button. Once the icon is selected there and the element make its way to the page, the whole icon set will be added automatically.

The icon picker allows you to browser and search all available icon sets.


You can also select icon sets directly in the design settings and they will be always included on the page with this design. This way is useful when you would like to use the icon set outside of components supporting icon selection, e.g. in custom SCSS files.

Icon sets can be included in the design settings on-demand.