Social links

Social links are nowadays an essential part of every website which allows the visitors to reach you using different social channels. In Veello Theme, they are managed in the Social links backend module.

All social links are managed in one backend module.

Social link configuration

Creating a simple social icon requires a minimal configuration:

Internal name
A social link internal name that will be used in the backend only.
URL address
A full URL address where the social link should point to.
The most important thing is of course an icon that will be shown on the page.
Link title (optional)
The value that will be used for the title HTML attribute.
Brand color (optional)
A unique color of the icon will be used depending on the context. An example use case would be different colors for brands like Facebook or Twitter.
Social link settings are minimalistic and straightforward.

Adding social links to the page

Once you created some social icons, you can add them in the design settings which will include icons in your header.

Another way to show icons on your page is to create a content element which can be added to a section (e.g. top bar or footer).

Add social links anywhere on the page using a content element.

Social link colors

The colors of the social link icons can vary depending on the context they are used in. They can appear in the header if defined in the Design settings. They can also be added as a content element anywhere on the page.

In both cases, you must choose their type, which determines the layout and colors (see image above). Some icons will use a default color scheme of the design, while others will use their unique brand colors.

Here are the factors that decide on social links look and feel:

  1. The layout and color usage are determined by the social link type.
  2. The Design settings determine the color itself if the social links are added to the header.
  3. Every content element can have icons of its own color, which you can define using the Style presets.

Ultimately, it's up to you how the social links will be displayed on the website. Choose from different types and play with colors to achieve your desired results.