Animated elements on your website will add a nice stylish effect to your projects. Veello Theme benefits from the well-known CSS animation library animate.css, which is probably the most famous library of this type available out there.

The elements with enabled animations can be easily spotted in the content element list view thanks to the grey-circle icon in their upper part, as shown in the image below.

Quickly identify animated elements with an animation indicator icon.

Entrance animations

The entrance animation starts as soon as the element appears in the viewport. You can configure it in the content element settings by choosing its type, duration, delay, offset, and number of repetitions.

The fancy widget will help you choose the right type, instantly previewing the animation on a dummy element. You can replay the animation as much as needed. Please note that animation properties are not considered in the preview.

Configure the content element animation according to your needs.

Exit animations

The exit animations may be especially handy when creating a fancy slider. They have similar settings to their entrance siblings but are triggered after the specified delay and after the animation-in finishes, if any.

Set a different out animation for the content element, if needed.