Element sets

Element sets are one of the most valuable helpers in the Veello Theme. Each of them is a predefined group of content elements, which can be added to the page just like a regular content element. They are designed to shorten the time needed to fill your website with content and make your website content more attractive.

Imagine that for every page of your website, you have to create multiple content elements. That, typically, would take plenty of time. Creating engaging content can be tedious and challenging work, but with Veello Theme, it comes down to a few clicks of a mouse – just pick up the desired element sets, and content elements will be created for you automatically. All you need now is to replace the dummy content with your real stuff.

Add element set

You can add an element set to the page by clicking a blue button at the top of the content element list. Once the page reloads, you have to choose where an element set should be created, just like you would with a regular content element.

Element sets can be created using a button at the top of the backend view.

After choosing the element set position, it's time to select the element set you would like to create. There are plenty of them, so we decided to group them into some functional categories. Unfold any group to see the element sets inside it.

Hovering over an element set will reveal two icons: the first one allows you to preview the element set in full size, while the latter will immediately create an element set.

Element sets are grouped into categories for easier browsing.

To preview an element set in full size, just click the zoom icon. A modal will pop up presenting the preview image at a full glance.

Preview the element set before you add it to the page.

Once you found your dream element set, add it to the page by clicking the plus button. The content elements will be created automatically with some dummy data. You are now very much welcome to replace it with your actual content.

Once the element set is created, you can fill it with actual content.