Discover Veello Theme solutions to help you make your website GDPR / DSGVO complaint.

Cookie bar

The codefog/contao-cookiebar extension is fully compatible with Veello Theme and can be used to display useful information about cookies on the website.

For more complex usage, we recommend the oveleon/contao-cookiebar Contao extension. When using this extension, you have to adjust your app configuration in the config/config.yaml file as below. Make sure you rebuild the application cache using Contao Manager after the changes!

# config/config.yaml

    contao_cookiebar.page_templates: ['fe_page', 'fe_vee']

            - rsce_vee_google_maps

When using the oveleon/contao-cookiebar extension, you may need to disable the "Defer loading of JS scripts" in the page layout settings.

Anonymize Google Analytics

Having Google Analytics on your website is a great way to collect statistics about the visitors. In the light of GDPR however, the IP address of user visiting the page is a thing you should not share with external providers without having an explicit consent from the visitor. Thus, it might be super handy to anonymize the IP addresses before they are sent out to Google Analytics servers.

You can do that by editing the System > Settings of your Contao installation:

Anonymize IP addresses before they are sent to Google Analytics

Self-hosted Google Fonts

According to some resources on the net, even Google Fonts may make your website not GDPR compliant. Veello Theme uses Google Fonts out of the box and thus comes with three options to load the fonts:

  1. Include external fonts directly (best compatibility)
  2. Store fonts locally (GDPR compliant)

The last option is the safest approach in terms of GDPR, as internally the system will download your selected Google Fonts to the server and include them as local files.

You can adjust the configuration in the page layout settings:

Page layout settings offer to store fonts locally which is GDPR compliant