Transfer website to server

Learn how to transfer the website with Veello products to another server.

Transfer the database

First, you must export a MySQL database from one server and import it on another using either phpMyAdmin or a tool like Adminer. In the export process, select the desired database, choose the export format, and save the SQL file locally. For importing, select the target database, choose the import method, select the exported SQL file, and initiate the import process.

Transfer the files

Then, you have to transfer all necessary files needed for Contao installation:

  1. /config/
  2. /files/
  3. /templates/
  4. .env
  5. .env.local
  6. composer.json
  7. composer.lock

You also have to transfer a few extra files related to Veello Theme:

  1. /assets/vee-icons/
  2. /contao-manager/packages/veello_*.zip (if you use Contao Manager)
  3. /var/veello-licenser.json

You can preview the exact locations in the image below:

Install the Contao

As the last step, you have to install the Contao. You probably already know how to do it at this point, but if you want to follow a guide, we recommend the official tutorial.


Consider checking our Launch checklist before launching your website.