White Label Program

Learn how to use activate the White Label Program features in your Contao installation for Veello products.

Backend adjustments

As of version 1.4, Veello Theme drops all references to Veello in the backend. This includes labels and all images in the Contao backend interface. It is related to our White Label Program. You no longer have to worry that your customers will recognize that they use Veello Theme.

Veello branding is not visible to your backend users.

Hide Veello Licenser

The Veello Licenser is a backend module that allows you to activate and deactivate Veello products. It is required for the extensions to work, but it may be inappropriate to display for your customers.

As of version 1.1.0, to hide it in the backend, simply edit your configuration files:

# config/config.yml
    access_token: ThisIsMySecretAccessToken
    hide: true

To access the hidden Veello Licenser, you can use set the access_token property as shown above. If set, the module will still be hidden from navigation, but you will be able to enter the URL directly with the configured access token as follows:


If there is no access_token set in the configuration, no backend user will be able to access the Veello Licenser!


Remember to clear the internal cache (e.g. using Contao Manager) after every change in your configuration files!